Agreeing to Disagree

By February 9, 2016Blog
Why in the world can’t I get along with everyone? Well, the short answer is there’s no reason why I can’t get along with everyone. The problem with my getting along is I often get my feathers ruffled resulting in anger and suspicion. The focus of a situation becomes me and my feelings instead of the betterment of someone else or a positive outcome.
I’m amazed that Paul and Barnabas were able to disagree and still launch the missions movement we are experiencing today. “Yeah, I disagree with you about John Mark and his ability to go with me on my next journey. But, I’ll tell you what…you take him with you and I’ll go to plan B and see what God has in mind.” (obviously a pb paraphrase…check out the story in Acts 15)
You know, I’m never going to completely agree with other believers about people, places, and things. However, if I can learn to take my feelings out of a situation, maybe I can sense by the leading of the Spirit that His plan is the very best and my plan…well, maybe He will choose to use it, too! Just some thoughts.
~Pastor Brett