True Worship

By December 18, 2014Blog

A couple years ago when our son, Colson, was around three years old, I was decorating the house for Christmas. I put out our Little People nativity set and carefully arranged all of the animals and people exactly how it was pictured on the box. A few minutes later Colson was playing with the set. He had rearranged all of the perfectly placed figures! My initial thought was “oh great, now I am going to have to redo my display, so once again my nativity set will look just like it was pictured.”

But, as I took another look, I noticed that all of the people and animals were grouped together. They were all facing the manger. Colson looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said, “Mommy, they are all looking at Jesus!” Wow! My heart was convicted. I had gotten so caught up in making sure everything was going to be just perfectly decorated and ready for Christmas that I had taken my eyes off of Jesus. The Lord spoke volumes to me that day through my three year old. I left my nativity scene just has Colson had arranged it. It was a constant reminder to me to keep my eyes on Jesus.

This year, as Christmas quickly approaches, may we all be reminded to keep our eyes, our focus, on Jesus. He is the reason we celebrate! He is the reason we have joy! He is the reason we have peace! He is the reason we have hope! We have been talking about true worship in our series “Glory in the Highest”. On Sunday, we learned about the magi’s response to the birth of Jesus. They put out great effort to get to Him, they came with joy, in humility, with a physical response and to give. That is where I want my heart to be this Christmas and throughout the year. Anybody want to rearrange their nativity scenes???